Join Us For Bible Study In Slidell, LA The A Church Of God House Gathering.

A Church of God Desires To Be Just That - Staying "Free" & A Scripturalist!

A Scripturalist Is About

Studying... to learn what to believe

a church of God embrace the teachings in the Bible, for the scriptures reveal the most important words all believers must understand and embrace while living in this world.  When using the "churches near me" key word when searching for fellowships to visit, look to see if they are "scripturalist".

Believing... what you have learned

a church of God believes the teachings in the Bible, for the scriptures reveal the way of life which the Eternal One, The Father The Son The Holy Spirit, has commanded believers to live while in this present world.

Doing... what you've learned because you believe

the teachings in the Bible, for the scriptures reveal how believers must live them out.  A church of God will always go and tell others about Jesus and heal the sick and cast out devils etc.

ACOG - Only Believe

A Church Of God At Home

Gathering at home where worship, scripture study, prayer, doctrine, etc. all come together.

His Word Will Never Pass Away

Build your life on words that are spirit and life.  Become an overcomer just by believing then obeying His word.

Show Yourself Approved

Help people find what is true. His word is truth.  You must discover answers people are needing to know.

Listen to Aimee Semple McPherson

About Healing

Ladonna Osborn

Get Faith Everyday

Curry Blake

Do His Everyday

T.L. Osborn

Audio Book: Healing The Sick

Ministry Video

Listen To Healing Scriptures

Listen Only

Nathan Morris

One Of Many Who Believe

Kerry Wichterich

Trucking Blurp

More Ministry To You

Fornication and Adultery

Learn the difference between these two words

To Fall Or Not To Fall: by Charles Goodwin & Mel C. Montgomery

Evangelicals, did you know that Falling in the Spirit has been common in nearly every major revival of the last 300 years?

The Highest Form of Spiritual Warfare: by Mel C Montgomery

Most of what we are currently teaching in Charismatic circles concerning spiritual warfare is scripturally  unsustainable and frankly does not work.

Good Stuff

Joshua Wichterich

Published Author and Illustrator.  Great Christian Children Books

A Hymn A Week

Worship Him With These Songs.


Genesis Verse-by-Verse