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Asleep In The Night


Asleep = Spiritual sleep = Dirty garments = A problem in conduct = Falling away = Defecting from truth.

Armor Of God - Loins Girded With Truth


Fighting the wiles of the devil.  Armor of God must be put on - daily!

Armor Of God - Breastplate Of Righteousness


Righteousness is of Him alone.  BUT, you must do something also.

Fornication and Adultery


Learn how fornication and adultery is used in the scriptures.  You must know the truth, so that you may walk the straight and narrow road.

Armor Of God - The (Shield Of) Faith


Online Bible Study - The Lord has given to us a way whereby everyone of us can take up the (shield of) faith, daily! Bible Study in Slidell

Armor Of God - The (Shield Of) Faith Part 2


Learn the difference between Thomas' faith and Abraham's faith.  You ought to believe like Abraham in all things.

Study This



Here are some scriptures pointing you to the Godhead or the Eternal One Who is.

9th Commandment


Lying is something everyone slips into without knowing.  Don not let lies be a part of your walk with the LORD.

Fornication Adultery


Learn the difference between Fornication and Adultery.  Two different words, two different meanings.

Who Are You In Christ


Believe the scriptural teaching and understand the faith He is giving to you.

Marriage Divorce Remarriage

Marriage Divorce Remarriage

This is the scriptural teach about marriage divorce and remarriage.

Teaching Coming Soon


Another scriptural teaching and understanding coming.