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Want To Be A Scripturalist?  A Church Of God  Is A Free Church

What Is A Free Church

A "Free Church" is an independent church that is intrinsically separate from government (as opposed to a created entity by the IRS through a 501c3).  A free church does not accept church theology or policy definitions from the government  (as 501c3 exempt status imposes upon  all its churches).  A  free church also does not seek or receive government endorsements or funding to carry out its work.  

Dr. Dixon Explains 501 (c) (3) Trap

All churches should either "organize" or "re-organize" by executing a  Declaration of Trust.
The Declaraiton is rooted in English Common Law,  which is the Biblical Law foundation for the American Federal and State Constitutions, which have protected more of our God given liberties than any other system of government in the history of mankind.

Peter Kershaw

Church Incorporation

Peter Kershaw - Church Incorporation

Not the way to go.

Does the Government Control Our Churches?

Peter Kershaw Does Government Control Our Churches

Author of "Hushmoney", IRS controlled 501(c)(3)  churches,  Government  control!

The Church & Caesar: A Look At Incorporation & 501c3


A radio interview with Peter Kershaw

501 (c) (3) State Church

Separation of church and state

Church Incorporation & 501 (c) (3)

"Sermon Protection Act" - Do We Need It?

Mercy Seat Church In Milwaukee Is A "FREE CHURCH"