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Sinai Connection - Ep 1 - By Michael Rood

Part 1 - The Sinai Connection - Israel's Ancient Title Deed to the Land For seven years, Michael Rood traveled the globe presenting the evidence of the "REAL" Mount Sinai in Arabia.

Sinai Connection - Ep 2 - By Michael Rood

Part 2 - Explore the coral encrusted chariot parts that were found on the bottom of the Red Sea with Dr. Leonard Molar and a team of scientists from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm Sweden.             

Sinai Connection - Ep 3 - By Michael Rood

Part 3 - Watch underwater robotic cameras record coral and crusted chariot parts strewn across an underwater land bridge we will then venture to the real Mount Sinai in the ancient land of Midian on the other side of the Yawn Tzuf where Moses came across the burning bush at Mount Sinai.

Sinai Connection - Ep 4 - By Michael Rood

Part 4 - Listen as Michael Rood tells of his first hearing about this extraordinary video evidence to the Scripture's witness of YeHoVah's (aka The LORD's) miracles and promises to us. 


Part 5 - A coral encrusted six spoke chariot wheel of pharaoh's chariot army.  The creator created coral with a very specific property which only allows coral to grow on some artifact which it is attach to.  Coral many times will form to the exact shape of the artifact.  The artifact may erode away and all that will be left is coral, basically stone, in the exact image of what was left behind.

Sinai Connection - Ep 6 - By Michael Rood

Part 6 - Constantine, after a long succession of emperors who were unable to quash the faith of the early believers, then began to mix in Babylonian Persian and Romans Sun God worship in the faith.  He took on the worship of Easter, which was always part of his life, and made a proclamation to which all Messianic Jews, all believers had to subscribe to saying Christians no longer shall keep any of the celebrations of the Jews.

Sinai Connection - Ep 7 - By Michael Rood

Part 7 - Witness the most compelling evidence for the rediscovery of the real Mount Sinai that has ever been assembled, consider the lessons that have been left behind at the mountain.  As Paul says, the things that happened to them are to be an example to those living at the end of the age.             

Sinai Connection - Ep 8 - By Michael Rood

Part 8 - Investigate the footprints.  Travel into the Negev Desert of southern Israel to inspect one of the camping sites of the Israelites during their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.  There you will see the same rock carvings done by the same artist who decorated the stones in the ancient land of Midian.

Sinai Connection - Ep 9 - By Michael Rood

Part 9 - The words of the prophets were received and preserved in Jerusalem.  Learn the importance of understand how we have the words of the prophets in our hands today.  The prophets such as Zechariah came up to Jerusalem and appeared before the ruling elders of Israel on the Temple Mount to speak the a word from YaHoVaH ( יְהֹוָה ) and the scribe recorded every word Zechariah spoke.  Every prophet must be proven, but even true prophets are murdered while today false prophets are accepted.

Sinai Connection - Ep 10 - By Michael Rood

Part 10 - Isaiah said; "Behold Damascus is taken away from being a city it shall be a ruinous heap."   Damascus has never been a ruinous heap, it has never been destroyed.  It will be destroyed.  Isaiah is talking about Israel's leaders who do wickedly against God's covenant with Abraham which makes a covenant with death and an agreement with hell.  Learn more about this.

Sinai Connection - Ep 11 - By Michael Rood

Part 11 - Now prophecies that are being fulfilled in our day and time.  Yahshua told of the day in which His followers would be deeply disappointed in their expectation of his promised return.  His delay would bring out the evil that was residing in their hearts.  Instead of continuing to feed the sheep they would respond with a false ministry of smiting fellow servants.  Throughout history we have seen this same pattern.  Moses delayed to come down from Mount Sinai - Israel built a golden calf.