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From the Vatican Junk Box

Part 1 - Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon detail a literary revelation never seen in the history of Bible research, including Hebrew manuscripts presumed  in-existent — lost treasures in the depths of the Vatican.

The Name of God is...Yahweh?

Part 2 - After centuries of assumption that the New Testament was written in  Greek, the discovery of a Hebrew version of the Gospel of Matthew blew the lid off the modern understanding of ancient times, context, and even the purpose and meaning of the Gospel.

The Restoration of All Things

Part 3 - This paradigm-shattering shift of a Hebrew Gospel written by a Hebrew disciple had scholars begging the question, “Could there be more?”   Indeed, there is.  In rapid succession, centuries-old manuscripts are coming to light, right now.  Learn from these incredible discoveries revealed from this episode.

The Name of God in Gospel Manuscripts

Part 4 - To help you study these fascinating Hebrew Luke and Hebrew John manuscripts, Nehemia Gordon created a PDF with the full Hebrew  transcription and English translation with links to the color photos on  the Vatican website.